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Majestic snowcapped mountains with unique caves, fertile plateaus and canyons leading to secret beaches, small valleys with lush green olive groves, hills with castles and whitewashed chapels hanging on the cliffs, dense forests and arid shrublands with thyme, lakes and rivers with waterfalls, secluded villages and cosmopolitan cities, countless archaeological and historic sites and modern resorts… all these make up the island of contrasts and myths!

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Crete is the largest island in Greece. The island has an elongated shape, stretching for 260 km from east to west and has a maximum width of 60 km. The island covers an area of 8.336 km2 and is extremely mountainous, which gives to it its special characteristics.ts and myths!

The climate of Crete is considered one of the finest, healthiest and mildest in Europe. Mild winters and warm summers with average annual temperature in 19 degrees Celsius. During the summer in Crete, the temperature is between 25-30 degrees Celsius, reaching 40 degrees occasionally. One factor that plays a key role in climate is the sea surrounding the island, which limits the warmth of the sun in the summer.

Tradition is an integral part of Cretan soul. The Cretans have never forgotten their past, they honor it in every occasion. The healthiest cuisine in the world is the Mediterranean, which is based on the consumption of olive oil, wine, fruit and vegetables. The Mediterranean cuisine is nothing else, but the Cretan diet! Here in the land of myths and dreams where Europe got its name, the body and soul are filled with beautiful images, tastes and scents….

Crete’s sense of mystery is extremely deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force branching warmly and beneficiently through his veins and his soul beginning to grow..
Nikos Kazantzakis,
Report to Greco

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